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How our lived environment – natural and human-made – affect the ways that we see the world.

The Economist: In the Beginning Was the Word

The Economist Gets it Right “Pre-school programmes are known to develop children’s numeracy, social skills and (as the term “pre-school” suggests) readiness for school. But they do not deal with the gap in much earlier in development . . . And it is this gap, more than a year’s pre-schooling at age four, which seems to determine a child’s chances ... Read More »

Data Visualization: Inequality, Parenting and Brain Development

1. Parenting Quality by Income Quintile (from the Brookings Institution) The statistical distribution is almost a perfect correlation between parenting quality and income quintile. 2. Relative Economic (Im)mobility by Income Quintile (from the Pew Charitable Trust) Children in the top and bottom income quintiles are most likely to be income immobile. 3. Brain Development over time (from Harvard Center on ... Read More »

The Crisis of Empathy and Moral Ecology

“How are you today?” a caller asks Dave Ramsey. Ramsey responds without hesitation, “Better than I deserve.” What do you deserve? In Where is the Love? Nicholas Kristof laments the erosion of empathy for the poor, which he receives in the form of comments on his blog and Facebook page. Behind comments like, “Why should I have to subsidize someone else’s child? How about ... Read More »

The Parenting Gap is Gaping and Growing

The Parenting Gap is Gaping and Growing

Parenting quality explains 40 percent of the cognitive gap between children at age four — more than any other factor. This is the fulcrum of education, inequity and flourishing society. The degree to which a community acknowledges and addresses this dynamic will be the measure of success in measurable strides toward flourishing. Closing the Parenting Gap In Can Smart Economics Turn Us Into ... Read More »

Parenting in Community: You need other parents

“If, as a parent, you feel as though you can’t do it alone, that’s because you were never meant to.” In Baby Brain Rules, developmental molecular biologist John Medina argues for the power of parenting in communities – for children, parents, and their communities. What are some of those benefits? You need wisdom from other parents. Emily, a mother of ... Read More »

Family harms or aids social mobility

Family harms or aids social mobility

“The dissolution of the black family may do more harm to black mobility than any other single factor.” This is the conclusion of The Economist, surveying the changes that have happened in the 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream speech.” Perhaps the most famous words of a speech in the twentieth century come ... Read More »

Where’s all the content?!

Where’s all the content?!

One of the perks of being a full-time dad is that I don’t sit in front of a computer all day. So you won’t be bombarded with posts! You can expect to see a new post on the power of early parenting once a week (and sometimes more). You can subscribe by email or RSS. But that doesn’t mean I ... Read More »

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