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Welcome Early Education Champions!

I’m an educator writing for educators. I taught early elementary grades in the New York City public schools, and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in early childhood . . . but no one told me the importance of what happens in the home in the early years of life before my students walked into pre-kindergarten. You know this first hand. Whether you are a lobbyist, a researcher, or passionate citizen, you understand the critical importance of the early years for each child – and for all of us.

A Manifesto for You

So I’ve written a manifesto for the early education community. My aim is to give you a tool that you can use to engage your stakeholders with a simple, compelling explanation of why your work with and for parents of young children matters.

Specifically, by reading this book, you will:

  • Better communicate impact of early home life on children
  • Gain a new metaphor for explaining the power of early brain development
  • Learn from other educators’ creative methods of early family engagement
  • Know what parents can do to help their children thrive
  • Identify ways that schools, non-profits, and community organizations can work together to support thriving families in your community

Because The Apprenticeship of Being Human:

  • Provides an overview of the nature and rate of human brain development
  • Offers a simple, compelling metaphor that captures the power of relationships
  • Explains the power of stories in forming children for learning and life . . . by telling stories
  • Describes how educators, parents, policy makers, medical professionals and non-profits can and should work together for the good of families with young children

Are you an early education blogger?

I offer:

  1. Custom giveaways for your audience.
  2. Audio/video interviews on parenting, early ed, character formation, habits, and stories.
  3. Guest posts for your audience
  4. Webcast seminars

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