Elite Private Schools and Early Parenting

Welcome elite private school educators!

Elite private schools are unique. You attract families who place a premium on education and have extraordinarily high expectations for their children – and for your school. Your families are equally concerned with formation. You are not just educating; you are forming and preparing your students to navigate the world of social and cultural elites. Your great task is to craft a thriving learning environment for this diverse and challenging student body.

What are the unique dynamics of early childhood parenting for elite schools?

The odds are that your students have had every opportunity and advantage in early childhood. They probably attended elite preschools. Many of them had multi-lingual nannies so that they would have a leg-up in language for life. They’ve had every manner of learning enrichment money can buy from private sports coaching for toddlers to pre-school prep that rivals preparation for the MCAT. And they have been formed by the animating stories of their families for education, success, and achievement.

Can The Apprenticeship of Being Human help my school?

Understanding the dynamics of early childhood parenting in the ways that it forms children’s character, competence, creativity and ability to collaborate will give you insight into your students’ aptitudes, motivations and narratives. This knowledge will help you better serve your students and their families – and prepare them for the significant

Specifically, by reading this book, you will:

  • Understand the impact of early home life on your student population
  • Recognize the power of early brain development for your students’ achievement
  • Learn from other educators’ creative methods of early family engagement
  • Know what parents can do to help their children thrive – and how to help them do it

Because The Apprenticeship of Being Human:

  • Provides an overview of the nature and rate of human brain development
  • Offers a simple, compelling metaphor that captures the power of relationships
  • Explains the power of stories in forming children for learning and life . . . by telling stories
  • Argues for the centrality of character formation in the home and school

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