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On the astonishing way the brain develops in early childhood.

The Economist: In the Beginning Was the Word

The Economist Gets it Right “Pre-school programmes are known to develop children’s numeracy, social skills and (as the term “pre-school” suggests) readiness for school. But they do not deal with the gap in much earlier in development . . . And it is this gap, more than a year’s pre-schooling at age four, which seems to determine a child’s chances ... Read More »

Love and Latency

Almost every capacity we have develops in response to loving nurture. At birth, virtually every ability we will ever have is latent. It is both hidden and undeveloped. Some of those abilities will develop. Others will never appear; they remain latent. Those capacities that develop do so in response to loving nurture. Through loving speech, we learn to form words; ... Read More »

Where’s all the content?!

Where’s all the content?!

One of the perks of being a full-time dad is that I don’t sit in front of a computer all day. So you won’t be bombarded with posts! You can expect to see a new post on the power of early parenting once a week (and sometimes more). You can subscribe by email or RSS. But that doesn’t mean I ... Read More »

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