Hi I'm Graham.

I live and work at the intersection of research and practice for learning and formation. What's formation? It is the process of becoming wise or foolish, virtuous or vicious, learned or ignorant, attentive or distracted, extraordinary or mediocre - by practice.

I began exploring these questions in the classroom as a New York City Teaching Fellow and then at home as a full-time father. Then I researched and wrote a book on the formative work of early childhood parenting, and had the privilege of contributing to magazines, and speaking domestically and internationally.

I now work at a research institute that explores the how culture is changing, and the consequences for individuals and society. I've had a deep dive into how cultures form character - and what schools, families, and social institutions can do.

I've been formed by practice as a teacher, writer, runner, pole vaulter, and unicyclist. I love spending time with my family hiking, climbing, reading, and exploring. And my girls say I should try out for American Ninja Warrior . . .