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If you’re new the world of early childhood research, I have good news: there are many articulate scholars, practitioners and journalists who are making the topic more and more prominent in our public discourse. On this page, I have provided the highlights of early childhood recommended resources in three categories: words, images and videos. Each category makes its own unique contribution in showing the importance of early childhood nurture.

In Words [articles and books]

Neurons to Neighborhoods (Jack Shonkoff, Harvard) | Book | Executive Summary | Audio Summary
Mind in the Making (Ellen Gallinsky) | Book | Bio
Brain Rules for Baby (John Medina) | Book | Bio
How Children Succeed (Paul Tough, NY Times) | Book | Review | Interview
It Takes a Generation (David Brooks, NY Times)
The Parenting Gap (Brookings Institution)
The Language Gap (Motoko Rich, NY Times)
No Rich Child Left Behind (Sean Reardon, NY Times)
Cuddle Your Kid (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)
Do Politicians Love Kids? (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)
The Way to Beat Poverty (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)
Early Childhood Development: the Promise, the Problem, and the Path Forward (Tamar Atinc and Emily Gustafsson-Wright, Brookings Institution)

In Visuals [infographics and charts]

  1. Parenting and Prosperity (Brookings Institution)
  2. ROI on Early Investment (James Heckman)
  3. Parent Quality and Child Success (Brookings Institution)
  4. Rate of Brain Development (Early Childhood Mapping Project Alberta)
  5. Period of Synaptic Pruning
  6. More . . .

In Motion

TEDx (Ideas Worth Spreading)
  1. The Economic Case for Preschool Tim Bartik
  2. The Economic Case for Early Childhood Development Art Rolnick

Are there others that you think belong here on the top of the recommended reading list?
Tell me in the comments!

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