I recorded and produced these interviews for the Tumblon podcast series. (Click on the title to play the audio in your browser using QuickTime, or “Ctrl”+ click and “save as” to download and listen later.) Unequal Childhoods with Paul Tough The former New York Times editor and author of Whatever It Takes talks about the origin of the achievement gap. Helping At-Risk Children with Susan B. Neuman The former Assistant Secretary of Education talks about changing the odds for children at risk. The Most Powerful Unit of Human Culture with Andy Crouch The author of Culture Making fields questions about the influence of family culture. Early Childhood Research with Sara Mead A Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation weighs in on the importance of parents. Establishing Healthy Eating Habits with Ellyn Satter The author of Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense talks about the division of responsibility in feeding. Honor with Scott Turanksy and Joanne Miller The authors of Parenting is Heart Work take a positive approach to preventing complaining. The Break with Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller The authors of Parenting is Heart Work highlight a parenting technique that addresses the heart. The Importance of Fathers with Lana Ensrud The executive director of Life Coaches for Kids describes why supporting kids in single-parent homes matters. Why Marriage Matters with Kay Hymowitz The author of Marriage and Caste in America discusses the need for cultural renewal through the family. Building Nurturing Relationships with Heather Anderson The founder of Blessed Nest discusses how parents can establish strong relationships while parenting. Meeting Mothers’ Needs with Heather Anderson The founder of Blessed Nest talks about how entrepreneurship meets parents’ pressing needs in a human way. Balancing Parenting Responsibilities with Donna Wirth The human face of Blessed Nest discusses building relationships amidst many parenting and entrepreneurial responsibilities. On Children’s Literature with Sally Lloyd Jones An acclaimed children’s author talks about the magic – and challenge – of creating great children’s literature. Baby Sign Language with Nancy Cadjan The author of Baby Signing 1-2-3 provides a primer on teaching sign language to young children. Being Prepared for an Emergency with Luke and Tara Herman The founders of Baby Med Basics (an ER doc and a nurse) talk about how to be prepared for the unexpected. The Thoughtful Parent with Amy Webb A PhD in Human Development addresses some common parenting myths. Age Appropriate Play with Brian Gordon The founder of eBeanstalk discusses the importance of developmentally appropriate toys. Having Fun Learning with Denise Bossard The creator of Erudition talks about the importance of learning through play. Fair Trade for Kids with Scott James The founder of Fair Trade Sports talks about who makes your sports balls. Supporting Struggling Families with Deric Milligan The founder of Inheritance of Hope helps listeners understand how to care for families enduring terminal illness. Talking to Kids about Death with Kristen Milligan The author of A Train’s Rust, A Toymaker’s Love (a mother of three, who has a rare form of cancer) shares personal experiences on using literature to talk with kids about mortality. Kids’ Phenomenal Abilities with Gabe and Mary Margaret O’Neill A father and daughter discuss their adventures in spotlighting kids’ social entrepreneurship. Local Food with Brian Halweil The executive editor of Edible Manhattan surveys the importance of local food for parents. Montessori Basics with Maren Schmidt The author of Kid Talk News discusses what makes Montessori education unique. Learning Cultural Competence with Mariana Vergara The founder of Bridge America Parent Center breathes passion into supporting parents like herself, who have immigrated to the US. Urban Parenting with Kimberly Coleman An urban mommy blogger highlights the opportunities and challenges of raising kids in the city. Time Management for Parents with Noah Blumenthal Called one of the top 100 minds in personal development, Noah suggests ways to plan for time with your kids. Raising Confident Kids with Dr. Olson Huff The author of The Triumphant Child offers guidance to parents navigating the critical early years in ways that build kids’ confidence. Learning Social Skills Through Play with Dawn Mantis The inventor of the Ultimate Spinner, an American made, battery-less game, talks about open-ended play. Learning at Home with Cheryl Moeller The author of Homeschooling Your Preschooler on Less than $1 A Day offers fun ways to engage young kids. Can Parents Cause Brain Damage? Graham Scharf explores the impact of environmental influences on brain development in light of recent research. Character, Competence, Creativity and Collaboration Graham Scharf asks, What is the proper purpose of education?

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